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Into the Unknown: The Making of Frozen II is a six-episode series that debuted on Disney+ on June 6, 2020.  The show follows the creators of Frozen II during the production of the film.  The docuseries starts with about a year left until the premiere of Frozen II, and lots of work left to do. The show mainly follows Jennifer Lee (Director), Chris Buck (Director), and Peter Del Vecho (Producer).

Into the Unknown: The Making of Frozen II was announced last summer at the D23 Expo.  I had very high expectations and it did not disappoint!  I’ve always loved that behind the scenes extra that used to come on DVDs.  Disney+ does not include all of those extras, so it’s great to have this in-depth documentary on the service.

Into the Unknown - Directors and Lopez's

The documentary crew had pretty much all access to the production of the film.  The Frozen producer and directors only asked for “no cameras” a couple of times.  Additionally, this show lets you see all the emotion, stress, and hard work that goes into making a Disney animated film.  It’s incredible to see how much the filmmakers care about the film and characters, and how much of themselves they give to makes these films.  It shows in the final product, but it’s great to see as they’re making the film.  The creators were even moved to tears multiple times.

It’s also cool to see the development of the film. Frozen II went through many changes over it’s last year of production. Some of the best scenes were added towards the end as the result of feedback from a screening.

Into the Unknown - Animator

This show exceeded my high expectations!  I’d recommend it to anyone that’s a fan of Frozen or animation.  I’d love for Disney to give us more of these behind the scenes docuseries.  They have all been great so far!  The Imagineering Story and Disney Gallery (behind the scenes of the making of The Mandalorian) are two other great documentaries made exclusively for Disney+. Let’s keep the trend going!


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