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You’ll know you’re in Frontierland from the sounds of banjos playing, the screams coming from Splash Mountain, and the smell of Turkey Legs in the air.  Frontierland, located along the banks of the Rivers of America, brings guests into the Old West circa the 1800s.  The wood buildings’ facades have a rustic appearance and transport guests to another place and time.  Behind those building facades, guests will find musical bears, shops, and Pecos Bill’s.  Venture further into Frontierland and the land’s two thrill rides, Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, can be found.  Tom Sawyer’s Island is also a raft ride away and immerses guests into Mark Twain’s Missouri. 

Frontierland Sunset


  • Frontierland is laid out similarly to the United States at the time.  It starts in the east represented by the area near Liberty Square and continually progresses to Big Thunder Mountain, representing the western mountain chains
  • The original plans for Frontierland called for an immersive attraction called Thunder Mesa, but it was replaced by Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Adventureland due to overwhelming demand
  • The Golden Oak Outpost, next to Pecos Bills, was named after a ranch where Walt filmed many Disney shows and films, including Spin and Marty, Old Yeller, and Zorro.  Now this food kiosk shares its name with the Golden Oak residential community at Walt Disney World
  • The addresses on the buildings approximate the year from which the buildings were inspired
Frontierland Sign


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The Country Bear Jamboree

Splash Mountain

Tom Sawyer Island

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