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When you walk into Liberty Square, you are taking a step back in history to Colonial America.  The buildings are modeled after those of colonial Massachusetts and Virginia.  There is a replica of the Liberty Bell in the middle of Liberty Square across from the Hall of Presidents.  Adjacent to the Liberty Bell is the Liberty Tree, a 35-ton tree that’s over 140 years old.  Thirteen lanterns hang from the branches of the tree which represent the original thirteen colonies.  To keep a touch of authenticity in the Liberty Square, no bathrooms can be found in this land because in colonial times there was no indoor plumbing, but don’t worry there are nearby bathrooms in Frontierland and Fantasyland.  In keeping with bathroom related facts, you may notice brown colored pavement down the middle of the Liberty Square street.  This is to represent the waste that would be poured into the road during the Colonial Era because of their lack of plumbing.

Liberty Bell


  • Liberty Square is the only land that is exclusive to the Magic Kingdom and doesn’t appear in any other Disney theme park
  • In Colonial times people would use leather straps at the tops of the shutters instead of hinges to conserve metal.  This often resulted in the shutters hanging at an angle due to the leather stretching.  This look is replicated in the windows of Liberty Square
Hall of Presidents at Night


Liberty Square Riverboat

The Hall of Presidents

The Haunted Mansion

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