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Pandora: The World of Avatar has proven to be very popular.  If you find yourself heading over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to experience Pandora and it’s attractions, here are our Tips for Visiting Pandora: The World of Avatar to help you make the most of your visit.

Pandora - Arches and Waterfalls

Arrive Early

Your best bet for experiencing Flight of Passage, Pandora’s E-Ticket attraction, with the shortest wait is to arrive at the park at 7 AM for rope drop on a typical operating day or at 6:30 AM for early Extra Magic Hours.  This will ensure you are one of the first into the park and will thus have minimal waits.  There are also fewer people with Fastpasses to slow down the standby line right when the park opens.

Flight of Passage has a Single Rider Line, which has the potential to be a huge time saver.  Unfortunately, they have not started using it yet.  Hopefully, they get it up and running soon.

Pandora - Waterfalls (2)

Mobile Order at Satu’li Canteen

Satu’li Canteen is an excellent quick-service restaurant, and, as I said in my previous post about Pandora, it’s probably the best in the Animal Kingdom.  It’s been pretty popular with guests so far, but mobile ordering (a first of its kind) through the My Disney Experience App provides a much speedier ordering process.

Pandora - Landscape

Queuing Close to Park Close

Finally, Flights of Passage breaks from the regular park closing procedures of most attractions.  Most attractions at Walt Disney World will accept guests into the queue up until park closing and then operate until everyone in line has ridden the attraction.  So far, due to the massive lines, Flight of Passage’s queue has been closing around 8 PM to park guests.  A separate queue is then set up for Evening Extra Magic Hours guests, which can fill anywhere between 9:30 PM and 11 PM.  I would expect this to continue as long as the standby line is exceeding 3.5 hours because Disney’s not going to keep the attraction and park open past 4 AM (3 hours after Extra Hours end).  Make sure if you’re planning on going to the Evening Extra Magic Hours that you get there early enough to get a spot in line.

UPDATE: Flight of Passage no longer closes before the rest of the park.  We no suggest getting in line for Flight of Passage just prior to park closing time.  This way you will not lose time during the day when you could be doing other things.  Additionally, wait times tend to be overstated just before park close, so you’re wait might be shorter than advertised.

We’ll be updating out Day in Animal Kingdom planning guide soon with a strategy for tackling Pandora: The World of Avatar.


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